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Making Contact Really Matters

Over the past 22 years, CTI has established itself as a market leader within the antenna industry.

Our ISO quality assurance certification ensures well developed and implemented products. Our antenna portfolio is targeted at wireless customers such as electricity utilities and SMART meter vendor as well as geo-location, insurance telematics, marine, medical and vehicular tracking customers that are looking to integrate wireless communications.

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our range of 4G antennas for mobile, vehicle and base station applications covering frequency ranges from 690-2690MHz, both SIMO and MIMO options are available, all antennas are suitable for both Voice and Data Transmission.

The choice of mounitng options and styles and various and these include Glass Mount, Body Mount, and Wall Mount, most of these new antennas include water ingress and protection.

For more information please contact or call sales on 01420 470615